Fisher & Paykel Simplus Mask

Fisher Paykel Simplus Full Face MaskWhen I did my sleep study in the hospital, the first mask that they tested me with was the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Mask.  The sleep technician said that this new mask was getting great results for most people they’d tested it on and that it was now the first one they tried for anyone who needed a full face mask.

Within a couple minutes the technician had me strapped in and we were testing the mask with some pressure from the machine.  This was the first time I’d ever worn a CPAP mask and it was very comfortable, I didn’t find it unnerving or distracting at all.  Most importantly, there were no leaks and we had a good seal!

That night I slept really well in the sleep clinic and despite a few “first time” issues with the mask, we had a pretty good result and the next morning the technician told me she was recommending to doctor that I use the F&P Simplus when I started my CPAP therapy at home.

Trying The Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask At Home

When it came time to go to the CPAP supplier and pick up my trial equipment we tested out the Simplus.  Strangely enough in their offices, we couldn’t get a seal, and the Simplus was leaking significantly into my eyes.

Fast forward a few weeks and having tried a few other masks, I asked the equipment supplier if we could try the Simplus again.  We went through the fitting this time and it worked a treat – I think during the initial fitting in the supplier’s office they tried a medium size mask rather than the large and it may have been too small.

The first night I got the Simplus home I put it on, adjusted the straps and fell right to sleep.  I woke up the next morning feeling refreshed and no pain or discomfort on my skin from the mask.  My AHI and low leakage numbers confirmed that I’d had a good sleep and no issues with the mask.

The Simplus was easily the most comfortable mask I’ve worn to date.  The mask fits securely without being too tight and causing marks or bruises – bruising and blistering across the bridge of the nose can be a real problem with some masks, but not this one.

The headgear on this mask is my favourite set that I’ve tried to date.  The straps are easy to adjust even while lying down, so if you find a small leak or something in the middle of the night, you can quickly adjust the velcro straps without having to get out of bed.  One minor problem that I have is that I sometimes find the lower straps ride up the side of my neck a bit during the night, but that’s easily fixed and is probably more to do with my face shape than anything else.

Cleaning The Simplus CPAP Mask

The clips on the Fisher & Paykel Simplus Full Face Mask make taking it on and off a breeze.  It has a very nice “catch” system that is secure when engaged but very easily removed with a quick flick of the wrist.

The mask is also incredibly easy to clean and service because the frame and the mask come apart and clip together so easily.  You can literally remove the mask from the frame with one hand and snap it back in place just as quickly.  The frame has been designed to work with all three sizes of masks: small, medium and large. I clean the mask in the morning with warm water and a little Baby Shampoo. I haven’t tried the CPAP cleaning wipes that you can buy online just yet but will post a review of these when I do.

Having tried masks from all of the major suppliers of CPAP masks, I am convinced that the Fisher & Paykel Simplus is by far the easiest to use and most comfortable CPAP full face mask on the market today.

Sean Kaye

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